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AppRadio App (“App”) is a mobile application that allows you to launch AppRadio compatible applications from your smartphone.


Your privacy is important to Pioneer (“Pioneer” or “we”) and we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. To better protect your privacy and to be transparent, we provide this Privacy Policy explaining how we and some of the companies we work with collect, use, share and protect your information (“information” or “data”).



Before you use the App, you should read through this Privacy Policy completely and make sure that you are comfortable with our privacy practices.


I.                   What information is collected?

Pioneer itself does not collect information from you (neither directly or indirectly identifiable nor non-identifiable information).


A third party called Flurry Inc. (“Flurry”) collects analytics information and device identifiers automatically collected from your device such as agent version, platform, SDK version, timestamp, API key (identifier for App), App version, iOS device identifier for advertising, iOS device identifier for Vendors, Android ID, BB Pin, Media Access Control (MAC) address, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), device model, manufacture and OS version of the device, session start/stop time, IP address, device type, locale (specific location where a given language is spoken), time zone, network status (WiFi etc.), events, errors, page views, mobile carrier, language setting, geographic region, number of new App users per day, number of sessions per day, number and type of third-party apps launched, and the App version.


II.                How is the collected information used?

The third-party analytics tool, called Flurry Analytics, uses data sent to Flurry’s servers from a Flurry software agent embedded in the App on your device. The Flurry Privacy Policy can be retrieved via


Information collected through Flurry Analytics is used by Flurry to provide Pioneer with App and AppRadio aggregated, non-identifiable usage information.


In this regard, Pioneer Corporation is the controller for the processing of the information. It is a Japanese corporation, established at 28-8 Honkomagome 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0021, Japan. Pioneer’s European representative is Pioneer Europe NV (European Emarketing Division - Privacy Office), established at Haven 1087 - Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium.  Pioneer’s subsidiary in the US is Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., established at 1925 E. Dominguez Street, Long Beach, California 90180 U.S.A.



Information is also used to improve Flurry’s services, including Flurry’s analytics and advertising services. Flurry may especially use the information to target the advertising you see on some of the other apps on your device.


In this regard, Flurry Inc. is the controller for the processing of the information. It is a US based corporation, established at 360 3rd St. Ste. 750, San Francisco, CA 94107 U.S.A. (


Flurry Analytics “hashes” iOS device identifiers, MAC address and IMEI, meaning it transforms the identifiers into a new value or key representing the original identifier, a Flurry ID. Flurry does not hash platform device identifiers such as the iOS Identifier for advertising, Android ID and the BB Pin. The information will not be retained in a form allowing identification.


Pioneer receives aggregated, non-identifiable reports on usage from Flurry (“reports” or “App usage data”).  Pioneer uses those reports to track how the AppRadio product, AppRadio App and compatible third-party apps are used in order to

-          improve Pioneer products and services;

-          conduct research, analysis, studies, and new product and service development;

-          report to third party application providers on the use of their apps via Appradio.


If you do not wish for the information to be collected and used in this way you may opt out by clicking here:



III.             With whom is the information shared and to what extent?

Pioneer will share the information with the following third parties:


-          Flurry Analytics


-          Third Party Application Providers 


Based on the reports we receive from Flurry, we may report to third-party developers who have made AppRadio-compatible apps on the usage of AppRadio or the number of times their applications have been launched via AppRadio. This data will be aggregated and will not provide the developers with information that identifies you or your mobile device.


-          Companies with Whom We Collaborate


In some instances, we may work with non-Pioneer companies to develop new products and services or improve our existing ones, and such collaboration may include the sharing of App usage data. This data will be aggregated and will not provide those companies with information that identifies you or your mobile device.


-          Law Enforcement


We may report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we reasonably believe to be unlawful, that we reasonably believe may aid a law enforcement investigation into unlawful activity, or if we reasonably believe that you have violated our policies, or the release of the information may protect the rights, property or safety of Pioneer, you, or another person. 


-          (Potential) Legal Proceedings


We may share the information with others as required or permitted by law. If necessary, this may include sharing information with governmental entities or third parties in response to subpoenas, court orders, other legal process, or as we believe is necessary for compliance, to exercise our legal rights, to defend against legal claims that have been brought against us, or to defend against possible legal claims that we determine in our sole discretion might be brought against us.


-          Business Transition


In the event that Pioneer, or substantially all of Pioneer’s assets, is acquired, the information may be transferred to the acquiring company.   


IV.             How do we protect the information?

Pioneer does not store any information on its servers.


Pioneer has instituted reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure the information is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to help prevent it from becoming disclosed to individuals who are not described in this Privacy Policy. 


We choose service providers (like Flurry) that we believe provide sufficient guarantees in respect of security. We demand the same security measures from the service providers as we impose on ourselves. We conclude a contract with every service provider and thereby stipulate the service provider’s duties to ensure data protection. Although we make every effort to protect your personal information and privacy, we are unable to guarantee the absolute security of the information.


V.                Transfer to third countries

Third parties with whom the information is shared, like Flurry, may have their servers outside the European Union.


By accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent to the transfer, storage, processing, and other use of the information in third countries outside the European Union. You acknowledge that the information may consequently be subject to the privacy and data protection laws that may not be the same as such laws and regulations in your country of residence.


VI.             Other websites and co-branded services

The App will enable you to view, visit, or use applications, websites, products, and services provided by third parties. Information collected by third parties, which may include such things as location data, contact details, or personally identifiable information, is governed by their privacy policies and practices. We recommend that you learn about the privacy practices of those third parties before providing them with any information.


In some instances, we may offer a service or feature that is co-branded with a third party.  If you provide information in connection with a co-branded service or feature, that information may be shared between us and the third party. Although our treatment of that information is governed by this Privacy Policy, the third party’s treatment of the information will be subject to their privacy policy.


VII.          Changes to the Privacy Policy 

We reserve the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revised version.


Material changes will only affect the information we collect after the effective date of the change to our Privacy Policy unless we clearly express otherwise. 


VIII.       Childrens’ Privacy 

We do not provide products and services to children, or knowingly collect or solicit information from children under the age of 13. 


IX.             Right to be informed, to object or to correct

You have the right to consult the information, have it corrected free of charge or have it deleted.


As to the use of the information for analytics purposes, you can contact Pioneer Europe or Pioneer Electronics USA using the contact information provided below. For other regions please contact us using the 'Contact Us" information for your location provided via the following link: .


In Europe please send a letter or email to:



European Emarketing Division - Privacy Office

Haven 1087 - Keetberglaan 1

9120 Melsele


Tel +32 (0)3 570 511

Fax +32 (0)3 570 895


Or in the US, to:



Privacy Office

1925 E. Dominguez Street

Long Beach, CA 90810 U.S.A.

Tel +1 (310) 952 2000

Fax +1 (310) 952 3350


Should you have any further questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or the privacy aspects of our products and services please contact us via the contact addresses  provided above..


As to the use of the information by Flurry for purposes of improving Flurry’s services as well as for Flurry’s advertising services you can send an e-mail to or a letter to the below mentioned address of Flurry (see also


Flurry, Inc.

360 3rd St. Ste. 750

San Francisco CA 94107

United States of America



Effective Date: June 18, 2013.